This page is written for those that have a substantive interest in federal healthcare policy reform, i.e., the desperate need thereof.

These writings will largely address Congressional and administrative policy moreover concerning Medicare and Medicaid programs. Administrative reforms will largely concern the CDC, CMS and the FDA. Healthcare will be broadly defined to include public and population health and related economic/financial, social and environmental, including the climate crisis, issues. When possible these writings will take account of related state and overseas healthcare policy reform efforts.

Readers are encouraged to follow my related podcast work at: where over the past 10 years I’ve posted over 265 interviews.

Comments, criticisms and recommended topics are always welcomed.

Thank you. David I.

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David Introcaso, Ph.D.

For 25+ years have done healthcare work in DC for the Congress, at DHHS and for innumerable client including publishing hundreds of comment letters, essays and 250+ podcast interviews.